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I Wish to Go

“ It was just a care-free experience, not worry about anything ”

Ben , 15


To Go To Disney World

Family time together on the water was part of Adena's wish

Adena wished for a beach vacation

Angelina had a great wish with her new friends

Angelina visits Disney World


Nathan wished to enjoy the adventure Disney World had to offer

  • Nathan , 8

    • I wish to go to Disney World


A Disney Wish for Abigail!

  • Abigail , 6

    • Inflammatory Disease
    • To go to Disney World


Isabella’s dream vacation to Hawaii

  • Isabella , 12

    • Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
    • To go to Hawaii


Lucas wished to go to Disney World

  • Lucas , 3

    • Acute Lymphoid Leukemia
    • To go to Disney World


Nathan wished to go to the US Navy Fleet

  • Nathan , 8

    • To Go to the US Navy Fleet


Nicky’s fun-filled week in Atlantis!

  • Nicky , 4

    • Congenital Brain Condition
    • Atlantis Resort

Will 312

Will wished to go to Atlantis Resort

  • Will , 3

    • Lymphoma
    • To go to Atlantis Resort

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