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I Wish to Have

“ All of the people were so nice. It just makes you forget ... ”

Regina , 12

Severe blood condition

I Wish for a Violin

Devan shops at his favorite mall stores for his wish

Devan Shopping Spree

Regina can hit all the right notes with her wish for a custom violin

Regina wished for a violin of her own

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What can a child wish for?

The child's imagination is always the driving force in determining, designing, and coordinating the wish experience. Wish requests typically fall into one of five categories, but every wish is unique and powerful.

Learn more about the most common types of wishes.

Who can refer a child?

Medical professionals, parents, legal guardians and potential wish kids can initiate the referral process.

Find out how to refer a child if you don't fit this criteria, or if the child lives outside of the United States and its territories.  

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