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Hanna wished to be a model

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“ I don’t think her feet touched the ground all day! ”

- Hanna's mom, Lisa

  • Hanna , 16

    • Autoimmune disease and ulcerative colitis
    • I Wish to be a Covergirl Fashion Model

Hanna, a 16-year-old from Johnstown, NY, was able to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity when her wish to be a COVERGIRL Fashion Model came true. Surrounded by professional stylists, makeup artists, and anyone else you could imagine at a high-level fashion photo shoot, Hanna’s excitement was contagious.

Hanna knew exactly what she wanted her wish to be from the very beginning.

She enjoys high fashion and wanted to have an experience that she may never have the opportunity to do again. Hanna's wish was to be a model.

Hanna has autoimmune disease and ulcerative colitis and she had many hospital stays. She was actually discharged from the hospital the night before her photo shoot, but you would never be able to tell. “I don’t think her feet touched the ground all day,” said her mom, Lisa.

Hanna was pampered on her trip to New York City as part of the Make-A-Wish®/ COVERGIRL photo shoot. Once she arrived at the studio she was greeted with top hairstylists, makeup artists, photographer’s assistants, manicurists, caterers and anyone else you could imagine at a high-level fashion photo shoot.

Hanna’s photos were published in a style magazine.

When Hanna was asked how she envisioned her COVERGIRL shoot, she responded, “I want to be a princess!” That is exactly what she got; glittering ball gown, high heels and radiant makeup were just some of the details of this wonderful photo shoot.

Hanna’s mom, Lisa said she was glad she was treated like a queen because she deserves it. “She hasn’t complained at all since she has been sick or asked for anything. We just want to make sure that she gets special treatment and her wish is just perfect.”

I feel more than a princess ”

— Hanna

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