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Photography is the focus of Mackenzie's wish

Mackenzie's dream - and her wish - was to be a photographer

“ It's all here! ”

Mackenzie had a surprise experience when she received her photography wish. She and her family joined her Wish Granters for dinner, and when they returned, the entire kitchen was full of photo equipment!

Mackenzie wants to go to school to become a photographer, and she now has the equipment to get her started.

Diagnosed with a condition of her brain stem, Mackenzie had recovered after surgery, and her wish was an exciting surprise. She received a new Nikon digital camera, tripod, software, a laptop computer, software, tripod and a book on photography.  It was everything that an aspiring photographer could ask for.

She was so excited and thankful for all of the equipment that she received.  “I was so happy - I felt like I was on cloud nine,” said Mackenzie.  When asked about Mackenzie’s wish, her mom, Rainbow said, “Just amazing….heartwarming.  It had been such a long time since Mackenzie had smiled.  Her wish just made her beam from ear to ear.  The whole experience was more than she could have possibly imagined.”

Mackenzie put her new photography equipment right to use, serving as Honorary Photographer for a Make-A-Wish event!

I was so happy - I was on cloud nine ”

— amateur photographer Mackenzie

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