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Pyper gets her slimy wish

Pyper 648

“ That was fun ”

- Pyper Ferris

  • Pyper , 10

    • Kidney disease
    • I wish to be slimed
  • I wish to be

Pyper's wish reveal turned out to be a big mess.

Students at Boulevard Elementary School in Gloversville thought they were just going to a November assembly on Make-A-Wish Northeast New York’s Adopt-A-Wish campaign, during which stars featuring wish ambassadors are sold at area malls, schools and businesses.

But Make-A-Wish Northeast New York Chief Executive Officer William C. Trigg, III, called 9-year-old wish kid Evan Brooks down from the bleachers, telling him that he is going to get to have his one heartfelt wish granted in the coming months.

But that was just the beginning.

Trigg handed the microphone to Ray Gawlak, manager of volunteer engagement and volunteer wish granter, who called Pyper over to tell her that, after months of waiting, her wish was about to come true.

Gawlak told the 10-year-old Nickelodeon fan that she would be going to the stage version of her favorite show, “Double Dare,” when it came to Proctors Theatre in Schenectady, and that she could run the Double Dare Live! obstacle course.

Then things got, well, messy.

“What was your true wish? Do you remember what you wanted to have happen to you?” Gawlak asked the fourth grader. “I think Pyper wanted to be slimed, so guess what Pyper: We’ve got some slime here for you today.”

Buckets of green slime were brought out onto the tarped gymnasium floor, along with pairs of goggles and metal folding chairs. Trigg suggested that Gawlak should be slimed, too, to the cheers of the assembly.

Gawlak then challenged Trigg to join in the gooey fun, as well as school counselor Sue Grossi. The cheers and laughter from the students grew.

Pyper, Gawlak, Trigg and eventually Grossi each had a bucket filled with green slime poured over their heads, as the puddle on the tarped floor grew, along with the cheers from the students.

 “Only for you,” a slimed-slathered Grossi said to Pyper.

 “It looks like she’s a slime clown,” Pyper laughed.

Pyper beamed throughout while her mother, Tammy Ayers, and stepfather, Lance Davis, looked on.

“That’s all she’s been talking about, being slimed,” Ayers said. “That’s all she wanted to do.”

It got better: Pyper got to be slimed again on the set of Nickelodeon's traveling Double Dare Live! show at Proctors Theatre.

Pyper's wish has been long in the making, delayed by a kidney condition that caused her to need dialysis. Her mom said the child has been doing well since she received a kidney transplant about three years ago.

Pyper said her wish was worth the wait.

 “I’m very sticky,” she said giddily while toweling off. “That was fun.”

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