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Emily wished to meet the designers of her favorite video game: Guild Wars

Emily spends an amazing day with the creators of her favorite video game

“ The designers were great! ”

Emily's wish was to travel to Seattle, and meet the developers of her favorite video game!

Emily is a 16-year-old from Queensbury, and had her wish come true when she visited Arena Net, the makers of the hit video game Guild Wars 2. 

This is the first wish to visit Arena Net that has ever been granted by the chapter.  Playing Guild Wars helped Emily pass the time while she waited for a heart transplant. Emily traveled to Seattle, WA to meet the game creators.  She got to visit the studios, sit in a design meeting, learn more about how the games are made and offer her own suggestions. 

Un her arrival, Emily was When she arrived, Emily was greeted with a warm welcome, took a tour of the offices and met the creative team.  She then enjoyed lunch with a group of 10 designers and was able to ask questions.

Emily played an active role in a design meeting.  Guild Wars is designing a new game and they asked for Emily’s help brainstorming.  She immediately had an idea she shared and it became a full-fledged story for the game!  

The designers also asked her to be one of the testers for the game so she can share her thoughts.

It was a truly magical wish experience for Emily, and the folks at Arena Net loved her visit as much as she did.

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