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Adena wished for a beach vacation

A beautiful beach in the Florida Keys made for Adena's perfect family getaway

“ She only wanted to be a kid and enjoy the love of her family in a warm and sunny place ”

- Adena's parents

Adena, a 16-year-old from Slingerlands, NY, was able to enjoy the ultimate vacation with her family on a white sandy beach with palm trees, blue water, and warm weather.

For her sunshine wish, Adena visited the Longboat Key Club in Florida. She also enjoyed beach activities, such as jet skiing at Siesta Key in Armand Circle.

Adena was diagnosed with Symoral Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer, about two years ago. The journey the family has gone through since the diagnosis has not been an easy one. When her sister, Arielle, found out about Adena’s cancer, she referred her to Make-A-Wish® because she wanted what was best for her sister.

“Adena ultimately decided that what she really wanted more than anything in the world was for our entire immediate family to go away together to a beach somewhere and get lost in the feeling of total normalcy - a feeling that none of us had experienced for almost two years,” said Adena’s parents, Sandi and Jay.  

Adena’s wish granters, Kim and Kelly, sent her beach-related gifts, including flips flops, to remind her that warm sunshine and family time was just around the corner. These gifts brightened her day. Before 
they knew it, it was time for the journey to Florida, the Sunshine State. 
Adena, her parents and siblings arrived in Longboat Key, Florida just before Christmas. They got to relax and have some fun just sitting by the water and watching the sunset. Then they rode jet skis and visited Mote Aquarium to see sharks, dolphins, manatees and sea turtles. Adena and her family also went to Busch Gardens where they enjoyed going on rides and seeing wild animals. After a wonderful, warm vacation, it was time to go home.

“Adena’s wish was really simple, when you think about it. She just wanted to be a kid and enjoy the love of her family in a warm and sunny place. Thank you all for helping her realize her wish. We truly will never forget what you did for all of us,” said Adena’s parents.

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