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Regina wished for a violin of her own

Regina has played violin since she was 5, and wished for a custom instrument of her own

“ All of the people were so nice. It just makes you forget for a little bit. ”

- Regina

Wish Child Regina had played violin for years on a small-sized instrument. Her wish was for a full-sized violin of her own.

Regina, age 12 from Ravena, has loved to play the violin since she was five years old.

Diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, her disease causes bone marrow to not produce enough new blood cells.  She gets blood transfusions every three months to restore them.

Regina had a three quarter size violin which she outgrew, so when asked for her heartfelt wish, she know right away it was a full size violin.

As part of her wish, Regina and her family went via limo to Great Barrington, MA to meet with a master violin craftsman. She worked with him, testing several violins to see which one she liked the most and she thought sounded the best. When she chose the one for her very own, she couldn't believe how much better her new violin sounded than her old one.

When asked about her wish, Regina said she liked working with her Wish Granters, and that the wish made her feel special.  She said her wish gave her the chance to live for the moment, as though she wasn't really ill at all.  “All of the people were so nice.  It just makes you forget for a little bit,” said Regina.

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