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Sammy Meets Cizzorz

Sammy at the 2019 Wish Gala.

“ I am obsessed with Cizzorz, his personality, how well he plays the game and his posts on YouTube. ”

- Sammy

Sammy is a gamer. The 8-year-old’s favorite thing to do is play Fortnite and follow his favorite players on YouTube. When asked what his heartfelt wish was, he couldn’t think of anything better than to meet his favorite player and YouTube star, Cizzorz, at his mansion in Los Angeles.

“I am obsessed with Cizzorz, his personality, how well he plays the game and his posts on YouTube,” explained Sammy, whose wish was put together by Wish Granters John and Judi Melby.

Sammy left for sunny California filled with excitement knowing that his wish was going to come true so soon. While in L.A., he and his family spent the first day exploring the Santa Monica Pier and beach, where they got to go on rides and do some shopping.

On the second day, Sammy got his wish. He met Cizzorz and the rest of the FaZe Clan at their mansion, where they talked and played Fortnite all day. Sammy got to ask questions and learn new tricks from his gaming role models and his parents got to experience all of his joy right along with him. They also got to go on a game-related shopping spree!

To end the trip, the family enjoyed an adventure-filled day at Hollywood Universal Studios before heading back to the Capital Region.

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